a list of movies i recommend seeing, not in any perticular order

1. Sunshine - great movie about preventing an apocalypse that is caused millions of miles away from us, the sun, wicked thing about this movie is that one Dr. Brian Cox, sat down and went over the screenplay and it’s as scientifically acurate as possible, only about 3 things are inaccurate, one is a character flaw, one is because they really wanted to show what happens over about 30 minutes, and i cant remember the other. but fantastic realistic film and very thought provoking also.

2. Mr. Nobody - a wierd little film about, well it’s kinda hard to explain without ruining tohe movie, but i’ll say it’s about making choices and butterfly effect, highly recomend it

3. Waking life - a rotoscoped movie that is all about philosophy and dreams, actually changed my life

4. Natural Born Killers - a modern day bonnie and clyde that shows the disturbances in media, and our lives

5. Blade Runner - a movie based on a book that was inspired by the complete lack of humanity in the Nazi’s, this movie focusses on what it means to be human and empathy, i have also read the book that it’s based on, twice…this year, and i can say it’s definately in the top 5 movie adaptations

6. Seven Samurai - an old 50’s movie about a village under threat of bandit attack, they go out to hire samurai to save them, this movie is very long 3.5 hours but it has inspired many many movies and stories like Star Wars, and the anime Samurai Seven

7. Star Wars aga (obviously) now many people bash the new trilogy, and i do find it not nearly as good as the original, however i also feel the new trilogy is worth watching and an important part of Darth Vader’s story so i recomend watching the entire saga

8. Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind - a solid anime about the nature of man to always destroy, and the nature of nature (heh) to try and fix the world after we burn it

9. A Scanner Darkly - another book-to-movie adaptation that i highly recommend (coincidentally by the same author as Blade Runner’s book) this movie potrays a world in the near future where a drug called substance D is running rampant across society, and the extremely undercover cop that is addicted to the drug while trying to find a lead on the source, the movie starts shwoing the effects of drugs, paranoa, split personas and loss of identity, very good, very well made (same director as waking life) and the best acting keanu reeves has ever done by far

10. Being John Malkovich - what if you found a secret portal door that led you into the mind of John Malkovich? why one of the weirdest movies ever thats what, and one of the neatest chase scenes ever.

11. Brazil - a great dystopia movie that deals with alot of beaurocracy\

12. Das Boot - a 80’s movie detailing a WWII german u-boat crew and their time and struggles on their long, sickening duty

13. Evil Dead 1, 2 and Army of Darkness - npow the first two movies in this series are nearly identical (2nd being the better of the two) they are a cheesy humorous horror film that has established itself as a complete cult classic, while the 3rd in the series is much different it is personnaly my favourite in the series, all together thety arte great zombie movies

14. Waltz With Bashir - an animated movie that blew my mind, about war and the mental effects of it

15. THX-1138 
16. The Professional
17. Toy Story
18. 2001: A Space Od
19. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
20. Memento
21. American Beauty
22. American History X
23. A Clockwork Orange
24. The Shawshank Redemption
25. Pulp Fiction
26. Fight Club
27. Repo! The Genetic Opera
28. Trainspotting
29. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
30. Requiem for a Dream
31. Full Metal Jacket
32. Metropolis (1927 version)
33. Snatch
34. The Wizard of Oz
35. Twelve Monkeys
36. V for Vendetta
37. Watchmen
38. Kick-Ass
39. 8 1/2 
40. Ed Wood
41. Network
42. All Quiet on the Western Front
43. Truman Show
44. Psycho
45. Inception
46. Silence of the Lambs
47. The Departed
48. Infernal Affairs
49. Gangs of New York
50. Romeo + Juliet
51. Hurt Locker
52. Mad Max
53. The Road Warrior
54. Dark City
55. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
56. The Rear Window
57. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
58. Saving Private Ryan
59. Aliens
60. Serenity
61. Big Red One
62. Back to the Future
63. The Prestige

64. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

65. A Boy and His Dog