here’s a review i typed up with much love (sarcasm >.>) and concern over a particular apple product, apple wouldn’t let me submit the review, but i feel i must share the massive cock smack to my face, well it may not be a MASSIVE one, but this kind of running around, trying to do something that i should already be able to do from the beginning, spend money, find out it doesn’t work anyway, and wanting to slice steve jobs a new ass on his (already ass-like) face, is what happen everytime i use this mac (parents computer, only use it when they need help)


this has to be a joke, a really bad joke, first off why do i even need to get this? why the hell doesn’t quicktime already have the stuff to play such a regular video file like mpeg, its just stupid not to include all this with the player, (which i’ve only ever found useful for playing the apple files because of shortcomings like this) but alright i can set aside some apple tech having an oversight and having to download a codec, and i will have to download it so i can back up old family videos, but to charge $20 dollars? what the heck?! at first i thought it was a joke, maybe a mistake, then i found out it was a mistake, you see i was on the US store, had to go to the Canada store to purchase (why there would need to be a different store for Canada and states when it’s online is beyond me, though i trust theres a reason other than ‘let’s be annoying dicks today’) and found out it wasn’t $20 dollars, it was $30 dollars for canadian patrons

seriously!!! wtf?!

why is this more money? i’d understand if there was a price difference because of currency, but even at canada’s lowest in like 5 years, it still wouldn’t have been that big of a difference, but for almost a year the canadian dollar has been constantly higher than the US dollar

so i ask, please tell me, why didn’t you include this in the first place? and why is it ten bucks more for canadian stores?

i’m forced to think it’s because apple is just a greedy company that strangely resembles a giant dick giving the finger to it’s customers